Metric and Standard Precision made gears and Small gearboxes


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We have gathered our extensive knowledge about gears and compiled it into a “Technical Data Document”, in order for our customers to refer to when designing, selecting and using our gears to their maximum potential.

It contains an extensive amount of information regarding gear terminology, how to use and measure gears, explanation of accuracy grades for gears, as well as dimensions and strength calculation formulas for many types of gears.

We also hope this Technical Data Document helps provide helpful insight for all those who would like to design, use or study gears.
You can download both the complete document as well as each chapter individually from the table below.

Chapter 1 Basic Knowledge of Gears 1.1 Gear history PDF
1.2 Types of Gear PDF
1.3 Types of Tooth profiles curves PDF
1.4 Terminology of each part of the gear PDF
1.5 Fundamental dimensions for various sizes of Tooth profile PDF
1.6 Features of common gear PDF
1.7 Backlash PDF
1.8 Rack shift of the gear PDF
1.9 Contact ratio and Special sliding PDF
1.10 Tooth profile modification PDF
Chapter 2 Precaution for usage 2.1 Precaution of usage for Helical gear PDF
2.2 Precaution of usage for Bevel gear PDF
2.3 Precaution of usage for Worm gear pair PDF
2.4 Precaution of usage for Anti backlash spur gears PDF
2.5 Precaution of usage for B-BOX PDF
2.6 Precaution of usage for B-SET PDF
2.7 Locking fixture for gear shaft PDF
Chapter 3 Gear material and Heat treatment 3.1 Selecting gear material PDF
3.2 Heat treatments PDF
3.3 Gear materials and Heat treatments PDF
Chapter 4 Measurement for Tooth thickness 4.1 Method of measurement for Sector span PDF
4.2 Method of measurement with Over balls or Rollers PDF
4.3 Measurement method with Gear tooth vernier PDF
Chapter 5 Deviation for Gear and its
measurement method
5.1 Correlation of deviations PDF
5.2 Tooth profile deviations PDF
5.3 Helix deviations PDF
5.4 Pitch deviations PDF
5.5 Run-out PDF
5.6 Radial composite deviation PDF
5.7 Precision of Spur and Helical gears PDF
Chapter 6  Gear assembly 6.1 Advice on Gear Assembly PDF
6.2 Center distance for Spur and Helical gears PDF
6.3 Parallelism of axes for Spur and Helical gears PDF
6.4 Tooth bearings PDF
6.5 Lubricating oil for Gears PDF
6.6 Lubricating oil PDF
Chapter 7 Oscillation and Noise level for Gear 7.1 Cause and solution for noise and oscillation PDF
7.2 Analyze the cause of noise by frequency constituent
(Low frequency zone)
Chapter 8 Gear damage Gear damage PDF
Chapter 9 Calculations for types of gear 9.1 Calculation for Standard spur gear PDF
9.2 Calculation for Standard internal gear PDF
9.3 Calculation for Normal standard helical gear PDF
9.4 Calculation for Crossed helical gear (Screw gear) PDF
9.5 Calculation for Worm gear pair PDF
9.6 Calculation for Gleason system Straight bevel gear PDF
9.7 Calculation for Standard straight bevel gear PDF
Standard angular straght bevel gear PDF
9.8 Calculation for Gleason system spiral bevel gear PDF
9.9 Calculation for Planetary gear mechanism PDF
9.10 Calculation for types of Gear PDF
9.11 Gear efficiency PDF
Chapter 10 Calculation for Gear strength 10.1 Calculation of strength for Spur and Helical gears PDF
10.2 Calculation for Bevel gear strength PDF
10.3 Calculation for Cylindrical worm gear pair strength PDF
Reference data Conversion table for SI units (System International Units) PDF
Hardness conversion table PDF
Commonly used fitting tolerances for bore dimensions PDF
Involute function PDF
Metric coarse and Fine screw threads PDF
Spot facing and Thread hole for Hexagon socket head cap screws PDF
Parallel key and Key Way PDF
Center bore PDF


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